About Shadilon Group

Shadilon Co.
Shadilon Co., Textile activities are in three fields of Texturising, High Pile and Circular knitting.
Circular Knitting

Texturising :

In 1977, when Shadilon Co. was established, it was the first company in the world to use the newly developed techniques of friction disc texturising by ARCT (ICBT).
Today it has complimented its original line with the latest model of Rieter ICBT that can texture POY yarn of different deniers both as intermingle and normal yarn in gray and dyed form.
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Mashad Nakh Co.
Mashad Nakh Co., is one of Iran's leading yarn manufacturing companies and its activities are in Open-end, Long and Short staple ring spinning, and fiber and yarn dying.
Open End
Open End

Open End Spinning:

Mashad Nakh has the most open end machineries in Iran, which makes it not only the biggest manufacture of this type of yarn but also the most versatile. With Reiter blow room and Schlafhorst open end spinning Mashad Nakh can produce high quality yarns ranging from 1Ne up to 30Ne in cotton, viscose, acrylic, polyster and their blends.
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Shadilon Nobaft Co., was established in 2005 and is the latest company to join the "Shadilon Textile Group".
Open End
This company is the first of its kind to use Spanish technology in producing Raschel blankets in Iran.
These machineries enable Nobaft to produce more than a million acrylic, printed blankets per year in many different designs and sizes for the market.