Shadilon Products

Shadilon products include:

1) Textured yarn
2) fabric:
With utilizing machine technologies Terrot, Orizio of Italy and STOLL of Germany, Shadilon is capable of producing cotton fabrics single cylinder single-faced and double-faced, elastomer cotton, polyester and their mixes in a variety of required colors. The unit of finishing single cylinder fabric single-faced in factory is equipped with devices Santex of Switzerland and Ferraro of Italy. This unit is able to supply cotton fabric (viscose lycra and polyester lycra) in accordance with the international shrinkage standards.
3) High pile:
Shadilon is supplier of high pile fabrics, plain and Jacquard, up to four colors and in different widths. The products are used in doll making, clothing for women,men and children, car cover, Esther Jackets, mat and so on.
4) Sleep Products

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